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Tattoo Removal

A+Ocean tattoo removal is made from natural organic ingredients, and are applied using the tattoo needle, so that the application is precise and no ingredient is wasted. It can remove most tattoo inks, and in most cases, your skin can be re-tattooed if you like, or you can leave your fresh unscarred skin alone once your tattoo is removed. Our tattoo removal is affordable, at just $250 per treatment. Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll chat with you about how many treatments you’ll need to be tattoo free. See our video below!

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a+oceanA+ Ocean contains pure filtered sea salt, free from impurities or carcinogens in a solution with aloe vera juice. Using the tattoo needle itself, the product is used over the tattoo in order to create a controlled superficial disturbance on the skin that leads to a light scab. After the amount of prescribed treatments, the tattoo should be lighter or even completely gone leaving scar free skin.

 Who is this treatment suited to?

Tattoo removal using the A+Ocean system is perfect for anyone, men or women, who want to reclaim their skin! If you made a mistake in your youth or have a questionable tattoo you want removed, scar-free, then this is for you. If you want your skin to be as clean and smooth as it was pre-tattoo, then A+Ocean is one of the best treatments in the business, as it won’t scar or raise your skin like laser removal can, and it’s ingredients are natural, hypoallergenic and won’t leave anything nasty behind.

This system works with almost all tattoo inks, but book in for your free consultation for advice perfect for you and your situation. Call 08 93891552 or 0411 596 138 for details

The A+Ocean tattoo removal system is also perfect for fixing and refining past cosmetic tattoos. If your brows aren’t quite right, we can remove the ink in just a few sessions (results may vary) and you are then free to tattoo over the skin again, or to leave yourself tattoo free and au naturel!

Removal of old tattoo with A+Ocean, and re-ink


Each treatment (1 hour)          $250

Package*  (4 treatments)         $750

*package pricing must be paid up front at time of order

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal produced and shot by Perth Video Productions on Vimeo. Please also see Dynamic Skin Services’ YouTube Channel

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