Beauté Pacifique & Dermascan

With more skin care products, brands and trends appearing every day, it is incredibly confusing to find a line that is compatible with your skin, and more importantly, works to produce the results you are after. So, how can you see if the products you’re using are really doing their job?

Meet DermaScan, our patented ultrasound technology that scans the full depth of the skin, including the collagen fibre structure, to examine the skin’s true condition.



Our Nedlands beauty consultants can view issues such as age degradation and sun damage before they are visible in the mirror. After the scan, our consultants provide product recommendations and skin care advice that is specifically tailored to your skin’s condition. From there, you will have the opportunity to have a subsequent scan where you can see how much your skin has strengthened after using our products.

To learn more about DermaScan and find out when an event is near you, keep connected via our Facebook page for times and specials.



Download the Beauté Pacifique product pricelist here

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