Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal  with A+Ocean Saline Tattoo Removal or Lightening Solution. Safely remove or lighten any tattoo using John Hashey’s A+Ocean, the world’s first hypertonic saline tattoo removal or lightening solution. The ink is extracted through the skin rather than pushed down into the body like with laser. We take it out the way it went in, and still achieve amazing results.

At Dynamic we use John Hashey’s A+Ocean, the world’s first hypertonic saline tattoo removal procedure or lightening solution. It is made from natural organic ingredients including pure filtered sea salt and aloe vera. It is applied using a sterile one-use tattoo needle which creates a controlled superficial disturbance on the tattoo area leading to a light scab. The ink is effectively drawn out through the skin, we take it out the way it went in. This is opposed to laser tattoo removal which pushes ink down into the body’s lymphatic system. In this process not all the ink is metabolised and the excess ink ends up stored in the spleen and liver. It is even possible for the stored ink to become toxic. Non-laser tattoo removal using A+Ocean is also perfect for those who want to refine a past tattoo. For example, to achieve an overall lightening without attempting to remove completely or to treat only specific areas of a tattoo. If you want to take care of your skin by using the safest and yet still very effective tattoo removal or lightening procedure, book in now for a free skin consultation and have your tattoo assessed and get an estimate on the number of treatments required.

Why Choose Dynamic Skin For Non-Laser Tattoo Removal?

Dynamic specialises in non-laser tattoo removal which is safer and healthier than laser tattoo removal.

You can come in for a free consultation where your tattoo can be assessed.

Dynamic offers affordable prices and discounted packages for sets of hair removal treatments.

Pricing list for Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

The treatment will take approximately 1 hour-


You can use your free consultation to have your tattoo assessed and discount packages will be offered for a set of multiple treatments.

Book A Consult Time
Book A Consult Time
FAQ About Non-Laser Tattoo Removal
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